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Several of us went to the Dark Moon Faire in Mulgore tonight and got the Jubling frog pet. To get the pet, you need one Dark Iron Ale Mug for each person who will get a pet, and one for the party. Lay the party mug at the feet of the orc woman Morja. Wait about one minute for her pet Jubjub to come to lap up the ale. At that point she’ll offer to give all nearby their own frog pet in trade for an ale mug. For more details, see the write-up at WoWWiki. Mugs are available in the guild vault.

When Eldre’Thalas is down: For the Horde!

Our glorious server goes down every now and then for an extended period while other realms are still up. When that happens, we tend to scatter to many different servers.

Now TaBs have a place to gather in one place: Aerie Peak (US). Moreover, we’ve established a guild there on the Horde side that allows us to experience the “other half of the game”. We’re up to 5 players with /ginvite ability, so when ET goes down, someone should be available to get you into the action. And feel free to roll a toon there right now and ask someone in TaB to meet you there to add you to the auxiliary guild.

The guild is <Geriatric Ward>. While not yet a guild member, you can find if people are playing by typing “/who geriatric”. The highest level member of the guild is Scherzo, my 70 paladin, and I have lots of others at all levels to join you in leveling. We have 2 pages in the vault and I try to keep the vault stocked with items useful for leveling.

So come on over to Aerie Peak and we’ll get you “admitted to the Ward”. Tongue out